For decades it was believed that no human could run a mile in less than 4 minutes.    Doctors, scientists and leading experts said it defied the abilities of human achievement….until May 6th, 1954 when Roger Bannister ran the mile in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds.

In less than 2 months a second runner broke the barrier.  A year later there were 3 more runners breaking the mark.  By the end of 1959 a total of 22 runners had achieved what was once thought humanly impossible.  This was because one person believed it was possible and proved it to the world.

Many people today say it’s impossible for a candidate who isn’t a Republican or Democrat to be elected to Congress.   The two parties are too powerful. They have more money to outspend any independent.    That may all be true, but what is also true is this:   the candidate with the most votes is elected…not the one with the most money.  I know that CA15 can be a leader and pioneer that demonstrates to the nation that electing an independent IS possible.   Who knows what could happen.  In 6 years maybe there will be 22 non-party controlled representatives in Congress serving their district and the nation rather than a political party or special interests.

If you believe this is possible too and would like to help please fill out the information below.  Your support and efforts are very much appreciated.