Situation: California experienced a devastating drought from 2013 through 2016.

Impact to CA15: Estimates are that the drought had a negative $2.9 Billion impact to California’s economy each year.    Everyone was confronted with higher costs and disruption to their lives.  This took the form of  higher water bills, shorter showers, destroyed lawns,  higher food costs, and increased automotive expenses due to higher  fuel consumption of dirty cars.

Eric’s Position:   Interestingly,  Eric didn’t have much to do or say about the drought.  He did co-sponsor H.R. 4239 in the 113th Congress, but failed to effectively gain any bipartisan support which lead to the bill dying in committee.   He actually voted against the drought relief legislation that was supported in the Senate by Diane Feinstein and signed into law by President Obama.

My Position:  More needs to be done to prevent California (and the nation) from being negatively impacted by another prolonged drought.    It’s time to invest in building more desalination plants, provide funding for research on more cost effective solutions (such as solar desalination), and improving the  existing neglected and crumbling infrastructure.  Additionally,  rules and regulations should be audited for common sense revisions that will allow California’s economy to thrive while reducing the risk of future devastation from another prolonged drought.   We may be through this drought, but little has been done to address the future.  Let’s change that!