Term Limits

Situation: Career politicians dominate Washington, DC, and nothing is getting done! Congressional gridlock, financial waste/fraud, and outdated practices are the status quo mindset.

Impact to CA15: A pervasive “politics as usual” approach has made Congress dysfunctional and ineffective. Career politicians represent the interest of their Corporate PAC and wealthy donors rather than the constituents of their district. Examples: It took far longer to pass legislation like Kate’s Law and the Western Water and American Food Security Act. There should have been broad bipartisan support for both bills that were important to our district.

Eric’s Position:  Eric has said at several town halls that he opposes term limits.  He’s expressed his belief that the 2-year term for members of Congress serves as an adequate check on power.

My position:  I strongly support term limits, and pledge to work in congress to progress this important initiative.    I tend to agree with Eric’s statement regarding the 2-year term cycle for Congress.   This does give every district across the nation an opportunity to replace their representative.   However, I believe that our founders never envisioned politicians that would stay in government for 10, 20, 30 years!

Here is why I will push for term limits if elected to represent you.

Bipartisan Support: It’s difficult to comprehend why we still have career politicians when routinely 70%+ (some polls top 80%!) of Americans indicate they want congressional term limits. The polling data also shows that Republicans and Democrats report EQUAL levels of their support for term limits. The reason we haven’t seen change is that politicians will not create legislation that will remove themselves from power.  Local Representative Ro Khanna (CA17) recently introduced bipartisan legislation for term limits.   I would gladly work with these two on this important legislation.  Presidents from both parties have indicated that term limits for Congress would be beneficial, and it’s time to push for this reform.

Benefits of Term Limits:

  • Brings Modern Thoughts and Solutions to Congress
  • Reduces Leverage of Political Parties
  • Focuses Members on their District and Constituents
  • Reduces the Amount and Influence of Outside $$$

IMAGINE: If there were a limit of 6 terms in the U.S. House of Representatives in place for the 2018 election 130 seats (29%) would be “Termed Out” and completely OPEN – bringing in new representatives with fresh ideas and solutions.   Another 28 seats (7%) would be facing their last election.   Approximately 20% of all members of the House and Senate have been in their seat for over 16 years!  When is the last time you were with the same company for 16 years??   How much $ do you think PACs and Special Interests are going to funnel into politicians on their farewell election??? My guess is not much.  This would be an “equal opportunity” overhaul with both parties losing entrenched party members.  For example, both Nancy Pelosi (30 years) and Paul Ryan (18 years) would be termed out of office! In addition many of the “power brokers” and establishment politicians who are holding back progress are in that group of 130 seats.

My Pledge: If elected to serve the people of CA15 I will work to bring about term limits legislation, and I personally pledge to serve no more than 12 years or 6 terms in Congress.