Constitution and Guns

It was inevitable that the question would be raised, “Do you support the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution?”.

Yes, I do.   Personally, I don’t own a gun, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever own a gun.    Regardless of that decision;  supporting the 2nd Amendment, to me,  is about supporting the integrity of our Constitution and protecting the foundations of our freedom and rights as Americans.

Eliminating or limiting  YOUR rights should be an immensely difficult task for Congress.   Our system of government was designed that way.   Can you imagine how our society would react if our rights could be taken away and restored as easily as Presidential Executive Orders?    This would not be good and would inevitably create more division within our country.

But CHILDREN ARE BEING KILLED!!  Yes,  and the loss of any life by gun violence is tragic.    The loss of a child by any means (natural causes or otherwise) is tragic.  However, the reality is that there are innumerable dangers confronting our children every day, and the probability of them being killed at school  is extremely low compared to other dangers they face.

Here is the incredible aspect that is being vastly overlooked.    Society, and the free markets, are able to produce meaningful change without depending on Congress or changing the Constitution.  Examples:

  • Stores (Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods) have voluntarily restricted gun sales to customers.
  • Communities are implementing their own gun buyback programs.
  • National dialog is occurring and communities are implementing their own solutions regarding school safety.

What I would support from a legislative approach:

  • Direct more funding toward addressing mental health issues.
  • Support investment in smart gun technology.
  • Increased punishments for owners whose guns are involved in violent crimes.
  • Expanded background checks; as long as they are reasonable and all data locally controlled.