Is PAC $ a Campaign Issue?

Recently we have seen a lot of pressure placed on politicians and candidates who take money from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The concern being that the NRA holds tremendous influence over Congressional members due to their financial support.  If that is true then why is it okay for Congress to take PAC money from other companies such as Pharmaceutical manufacturers , Healthcare Insurance Providers, and Oil Producers?

Eric Swalwell in 2012 (FEC FILES)

Eric Swalwell in 2014 (FEC FILES)

At  town hall meetings Eric continued to speak aggressively against PAC money and the negative impact.  At the San Ramon townhall he described corporate donations as (taken from my notes, actual quote may be slightly different) “Corporate money in Washington is one of the most corrupting influences that is preventing Congress from getting work done.

Yet, Eric continues to be a prolific recipient of PAC donations:

  • $25,000 – McKesson
  • $25,000 – Abbott Labs
  • $18,000 – United Health
  • $20,000 – Honeywell
  • $13,000 – Lockheed Martin
  • $5,000 – Chevron

Eric has received well over $2,000,000 in PAC contributions!    It’s time for Eric to make a choice.

Choice A: Political Action Committees

Choice B: District 15.

If he continues to accept the large PAC donations you know he’s chosen Choice A.

I have only accepted individual donations, and I have pledged to reject PAC donations.  If elected I will join the No PAC Caucus that was started Ro Khanna (D, CA17) that currently has 4 Democrat and 2 Republican members.

Is PAC $ a Campaign Issue?  It is if you make it one!!  If you really want corporate money out of Washington the fastest solution is to elect candidates that refuse PAC money.  Once candidates realize that accepting PAC money is toxic to their political future you will see more and more candidates who will only accept individual donations.