DACA/Border Security Deal

Nancy Pelosi has taken to the House floor to give a long-winded speech detailing the positive qualities of DACA recipients.

Here’s what Nancy Pelosi and Eric Swalwell don’t understand; DACA recipients don’t want your kind words – they want action!

If Ralph Waldo Emerson he would say to Nancy and Eric , “Your inaction speaks so loudly, I can not hear what you are saying.”

President Trump has offered  a deal that provides a pathway to citizenship (10-12 year program) for 1.8 million DACA eligible individuals.  That’s 1 million more people who will be eligible for DACA protections than who would be eligible under a simple renewal approach.   In exchange President Trump seeks to correct failures with the system.   Illegal immigration has become a problem and nothing has been done to fix it.     A 2015 government report (Source: ussc.gov) that reviewed incidents of illegal reentry into the U.S. found the following: (emphasis added)

“With respect to the 1,894 cases in which the exact number of prior deportations was known, the average offender was deported 3.2 times (with a median of two deportations). The most common number of prior deportations was one (34.8% of cases). The highest number of deportations for any offender was 73. Offenders deported 10 or more times made up 4.6 percent of the sample. These offenders averaged 17.1 deportations.”

This is clear evidence that we do not have control over entry into our country.   This MUST change.

Now, the only question remaining is will you accept the offer to provide the peace of mind that these individuals are seeking and at the same time help secure our nation?   As the Representative for CA15 I would agree to this deal.